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New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been a fan of New Years Resolutions.  When I use to teach fitness classes more regularly  I always found January so frustrating because my class number would skyrocket for a few weeks and then I would never see them again.  The reason I don’t like them is there is too much pressure to follow them and often they are unrealistic.

Instead this year I am going to set some goals that I would like to achieve but if we fail a bit at the beginning of the year we won’t stop but try again.

1 – Declutter!  This is pretty much due to Gord’s nagging for the past year.  We have too much stuff and it all usually just ends up thrown in the basement.  This year I want to get my basement organized and functional!  I would love for Eileen to be able to shoot a puck around with Daddy in the basement and have a better chance of hitting the net than a pile of junk.  We have already decided that we are having a yard sale in the spring but now we are starting to sort through things.  Today I cleaned the fridge, freezer and pantry; while Gord and Kaitlyn cleaned out the barn and garage.  Then we did a little bit of work in the basement.  Gord took a load of large items to the transfer station and I organized my wrapping station in the basement  throwing out tonnes of old gift bags that are ripped or that I know I will never use again.  My supplies are organized so it should be much easier to wrap gifts for the many birthday parties the kids go to.

2 – Get moving! I look back at my fitness level 5 years ago and it makes me want to cry.  It is very ironic because even just a year ago I was preaching about how it is not hard to get moving with your kids.  I could use some of my own advice now.  I think much of it is because we have become so busy both in and out of the home.  Work is a lot more work, and we are doing more literacy and craft activities but our home exercise routine is definitely lacking.  I am not too worried about the kids because they have dance and skating/hockey and swimming, and they never stop moving at home unless in a specific stationary activity.  The problem is Mommy is not moving.  My second goal it so find ways to incorporate more physical activity into my day.

3 – Reading!  I love to read.  I use to be a teacher-librarian and that was only a couple of years ago.  The pile of books and magazines beside my desk is very high and doesn’t seem to be going down at all.  The problem is that when I am finally sitting at the end of the day I am usually either on my computer or watching T.V. (something I have PVR’d or through Netflix).  I really want to read more, both for fun and professionally.  This past year I joined NAEYC when I moved to Kindergarten and I keep getting these amazing resources in the mail.  Sometimes it seems a little overwhelming – especially adding to the professional resources already in my pile, but I really want to get through a few of these.  I also was to read for fun – I use to be in a book club but could never get through the books in time – I need to make the time.

4 – Time for Me!  When Michael was born I decided I needed one hour a week to myself and I started going to Yoga.  It was amazing, but it doesn’t hurt that I found an amazing teacher.  I NEED to start doing this again.  It keeps me grounded both emotionally and physically.  It may seem like I am taking time away from other things but I think it makes me a better mother, teacher, and person!

I don’t normally share things like this on my blog but I wanted to put it all in writing because maybe then I will have to be accountable!


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. So funny, I just had a similar conversation with the girls at work on Monday. I am like you in that I dislike the word resolution and just look at it as life changes. I too am like you that I need to be more organized, move more and have more time for me this year. Yoga has been huge for me in staying focused in myself. Way to go for setting goals like this. You can do it!!!

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