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Our Garden – Update

So we have done some more work on our garden since my last gardening post and I thought I should give an update.  Everything is growing nicely in the greenhouse an we have had no more falls in the water.

 Mid-April it finally warmed up and dried out long enough for use to plant our peas.  We have planted peas for the past couple of years but never have used a trellis to help them grow.  This year I wanted to do it properly.  I found a great post on the blog My Crazy Life as a farmer’s wife with great tips for planting peas.  She suggested using hog/cattle panels for a trellis.  I headed down to our local TSC with my dad (who is also my handyman) and we found a rabbit fencing that seems like it mike work perfectly.  I will let you know how it turns out.  It cost me a bit of money (around $30 including the posts) but I hope to use it year after year.  This was our first day out in the garden with the girls and we quickly learned that they love digging holes.  I had picked them up kid sized shovels when I was at TSC an they are a huge hit.  A few weeks later the peas are coming up and we just need to make sure they are getting enough water.

This past Tuesday we planted our pickles and our sunflowers in the greenhouse.  We could have planted the sunflowers earlier but we really don’t want them to bloom until the end of August/ beginning of September.  Sunflowers blooming is a sign that school is starting and it really confuses the girls when they bloom too early.

The other great thing I wanted to share are these great gardening sets the girls got from Aunt Kirsten and Uncle Ben for Easter.  They are from Creatology and include a small gardening tote and three tools.  They also gave them the matching gardening gloves which are awesome and were very much needed.  I don’t like them handling the seeds too much and these are great at protecting their hands.  They fit both of the girls perfectly!