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In like Lamb, Out like a Lamb – But a few Lions in the Middle

Kaitlyn has been learning about temperature in Kindergarten this month and they have been tracking the days with lions and lambs.  Over March Break we had a calendar and every day she had to pick a lion or a lamb and record the temperature. In the 9 days she only had 1 lion and was a bit mad about that fact.  She tried to convince us that one beautiful 15 degree celsius day was a lion day just so she could glue on a lion.  After a beautiful March Break we had one last major snow storm which resulted in a snow day last week.  She got her lion day.

To wrap up the month yesterday we decide to make lions and lambs of our own courtesy of a link Gramma found on Family Fun.  They turned out pretty good but in comparison to other baking projects that I have done with my kids it was pretty parent intensive.  They helped me add the ingredients but lost interest in kneading after about a minute.  When we were assembling the lions and lambs they rolled out the legs and tails but I had to use the garlic press for the mane and wool as it took a fair bit of pressure.  Their favourite part was adding the raisins for the eyes and the poppy seeds on the lamb’s legs.  A fun activity to do with your kids but I don’t think it would be feasible to do with a group of very young children as they would need a fair amount of assistance.