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New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been a fan of New Years Resolutions.  When I use to teach fitness classes more regularly  I always found January so frustrating because my class number would skyrocket for a few weeks and then I would never see them again.  The reason I don’t like them is there is too much pressure to follow them and often they are unrealistic.

Instead this year I am going to set some goals that I would like to achieve but if we fail a bit at the beginning of the year we won’t stop but try again.

1 – Declutter!  This is pretty much due to Gord’s nagging for the past year.  We have too much stuff and it all usually just ends up thrown in the basement.  This year I want to get my basement organized and functional!  I would love for Eileen to be able to shoot a puck around with Daddy in the basement and have a better chance of hitting the net than a pile of junk.  We have already decided that we are having a yard sale in the spring but now we are starting to sort through things.  Today I cleaned the fridge, freezer and pantry; while Gord and Kaitlyn cleaned out the barn and garage.  Then we did a little bit of work in the basement.  Gord took a load of large items to the transfer station and I organized my wrapping station in the basement  throwing out tonnes of old gift bags that are ripped or that I know I will never use again.  My supplies are organized so it should be much easier to wrap gifts for the many birthday parties the kids go to.

2 – Get moving! I look back at my fitness level 5 years ago and it makes me want to cry.  It is very ironic because even just a year ago I was preaching about how it is not hard to get moving with your kids.  I could use some of my own advice now.  I think much of it is because we have become so busy both in and out of the home.  Work is a lot more work, and we are doing more literacy and craft activities but our home exercise routine is definitely lacking.  I am not too worried about the kids because they have dance and skating/hockey and swimming, and they never stop moving at home unless in a specific stationary activity.  The problem is Mommy is not moving.  My second goal it so find ways to incorporate more physical activity into my day.

3 – Reading!  I love to read.  I use to be a teacher-librarian and that was only a couple of years ago.  The pile of books and magazines beside my desk is very high and doesn’t seem to be going down at all.  The problem is that when I am finally sitting at the end of the day I am usually either on my computer or watching T.V. (something I have PVR’d or through Netflix).  I really want to read more, both for fun and professionally.  This past year I joined NAEYC when I moved to Kindergarten and I keep getting these amazing resources in the mail.  Sometimes it seems a little overwhelming – especially adding to the professional resources already in my pile, but I really want to get through a few of these.  I also was to read for fun – I use to be in a book club but could never get through the books in time – I need to make the time.

4 – Time for Me!  When Michael was born I decided I needed one hour a week to myself and I started going to Yoga.  It was amazing, but it doesn’t hurt that I found an amazing teacher.  I NEED to start doing this again.  It keeps me grounded both emotionally and physically.  It may seem like I am taking time away from other things but I think it makes me a better mother, teacher, and person!

I don’t normally share things like this on my blog but I wanted to put it all in writing because maybe then I will have to be accountable!