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Memories of Childhood Shows

What did you watch on T.V. as a child?  What was your favourite show?

Tonight after bath time Kaitlyn came out asking if she could watch “Polka Dot Door”.  Wow – I wasn’t expecting that one.  Then I remembered a few weeks ago she had asked me what my favourite show to watch was when I was her age.  All I could remember was being very young in our house in Newburgh, Ontario – where we only got a couple of channels with our bunny ears and watching Polka Dot Door at night after my dad watched the 6:00 news.  I am sure that there were other shows, especially as I got older but that is my first memory of television.  (I was actually on Romper Room as a child but lets save that for another day).

Kaitlyn expected it to be on Netflix so I found Grampa trying to get it to work for her.  They quickly realized it wasn’t on Netflix so I decided to google it and see what I could find.  I managed to find a couple of very early episodes (1978) on the TVO archives.  I sat down and watched a bit with her.  She wasn’t overly impressed but it sure did take me back.  There was story time, with the clock and the toys: Marigold, Humpty, Dumpty and Bear.  The one thing that was missing was the Polkaroo.  After this episode we checked out Youtube and I found her a clip of the Polkaroo.  Those songs sounded so familiar (especially the imagine song).  I wasn’t sure we would have any luck finding clips to show her but it was pretty cool watching them with her – I promised her we could check out a few more in the morning.

What do you remember watching as a child and what memories do you wish you could share with your kids?



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