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Exploring Space!

One of the projects Eileen’s teacher sent home was a start to their unit on space.  She had a little booklet to fill out on on different components in the solar system.  I was hoping to expand on this work, and maybe spark a new interest.  I have taught science a few times at different ends of the spectrum.  In teacher’s college I taught the entire space unit to a Grade 9 Academic Science class.  A few years later we did a large space inquiry in my Kindergarten class.  Hence – I have a number of great space resources at a wide variety of levels.  I gave her my box to explore and she pulled out a series of books by Thomas K. Adamson through Capstone Press.


The reading level of these books is easy but they are full of great facts!  When needed she searched the internet to add more details.

We have been watching more movies and TV while on social distancing so I thought it would be great to check out some great documentaries on space.  We started by getting a 30 day preview to BBC Earth through our Prime subscription.   Our first goal was to get through the series, “Wonders of the Solar System.”  Yesterday we watched the first episode, “Empire of the Sun.”


Comment below to share your favourite documentaries on space!


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