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Great Wolf Lodge Vacation

Thursday morning we woke up at the Embassy Suites in Niagara Falls and went to sleep at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls.  Everyone was up very early in morning, and I mean 5:00 am early!  Michael was not feeling great and when he woke up everyone else was up shortly after.  When we had checked into the Embassy Suites  I was pleasantly surprised to learn it included a breakfast buffet.  When we went down to breakfast we saw that it wasn’t your typical continental breakfast but a full buffet.  Bonus!  We had a great seat right by the window overlooking the falls.  The only problem was that the sun was very bright coming in the window, but that was our sacrifice for the amazing view.  Most of us ate very well, except my non-breakfast eater Eileen.

While I packed up the room we let the kids rest in the hotel room.  Gord went for a run along the falls, I wish I would have brought my running stuff!  At noon we checked out of the hotel and after a quick Timmies run we went to Great Wolf Lodge.  All the kids were asleep in the car so Gord went and checked us in.  We were lucky and our room was available.  We had booked a Kids Camp Suite for our family.  Gord and I had a queen bed and the girls had bunk beds in their own room within our room.  Michael slept in our playpen which we brought from home.  They said they may have playpens available but couldn’t guarantee one so we brought our own.  The room was perfect, and our location in the lodge was awesome.  We were on the ground level so we never needed to use the stairs or elevator unless going up to the lobby.  It took us only a minute to get to the waterpark or arcade and we were right across the hall from the Cub Club.

Things we loved:

  • Great waterpark for all ages.  Eileen loved the little kids section (Chipmunk cove) and once Kaitlyn got over her inital fear she went down every waterslide she was able to, and there were only three she was too small for.  Michael even sat on my lap when we went on the lazy river.
  • So much to do.  Our inclusive package included a colour-your-own T-shirt for the kids, and arcade tokens.
  • Few line ups during the week.  On Thursday and most of Friday we rarely had to wait in any lines – and if they did they were very short.
  • The animals in the lobby – Kaitlyn’s most used phrase was: “Go see animals!”
  • The breakfast and lunch buffet were great.  There was a lot of selection and the kids loved being able to reach their own food at the kid-high buffet.  I am not normally a fan of buffets but if it had to be a buffet it was a pretty good one.
  • The service was very good.  The only person I saw who wasn’t polite and smiling was the good who made up our room, and she wasn’t rude just not overly friendly.  We found that overall all the service in the Niagara Falls area was very good.
  • Minigolf! My girls loved the minigolf course.  Kaitlyn said it was her second favourite thing after the waterpark. It was a pretty easy course and perfect for kids.
  • The best place to eat was right in the waterpark.  This made it very difficult to find a table.  They needed to have some tables reserved just for people eating.  It was very humid in there if you didn’t have a bathing suit on but that didn’t bother us as much.
  • We purchased the all inclusive package for the kids.  This also included a plush for each of the kids, but it wasn’t a Great Wolf plush – just a generic elephant.  It would have been nice to have a souvenir that said “Great Wolf Lodge” that they could have to remember their trip.
  • Free Wi-Fi sounds like a good thing but it was soooo slow.  I had planned to blog in the evenings when the kids were asleep but is was to slow to do anything.
  • VERY busy on Saturday.  As we were leaving on Saturday at about 1:30 we went by the lobby to say goodbye to the animals.  It was a zoo – and I don’t mean the animals. The line up to check in was crazy.  We were very happy to be leaving at the time.  I am not sure if they are that busy every weekend or if it was because it was Mother’s Day weekend.
Would we go back? Definately.  On Sunday we were driving to Mother’s Day dinner and when Kaitlyn was asked why she was so glum she replied: “I wish we were at Great Wolf Lodge”.  I don’t know if we would get the the inclusive package again – I would have to price it out to see what would be the better deal.  We would also do everything in our power not to go on a weekend.  This will be difficult when I go back to work.  Has anyone ever been in the summer?  Would be interested to know how busy it gets in the summer.
A great family vacation!