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Ice Cubes & What Christmas Means to You

December 11th was a Sunday and our book was the veggie tale book Yuletide Ice Cub Festival.

A few years ago Kaitlyn loved Veggie Tales and we picked up this book.  It is a large board book format.  They still enjoy Veggie Tales but not as much as they use to.  This story is about the annual Ice cube fair and the famous ice block carving festival.  Participants have to make an ice sculpture on Major Bob’s theme and this years theme is “What Christmas Means to You”.  In rhyming verse all the characters create their glorious creations and it finishes by showing Junior’s tiny sculpture of a shepherd kneeling beside the stable, of course his was the winner.

I decided to do a science activity with the girls and let them explore with ice cubes.  First we tried to make our own sculpture out of ice using ice cubes and salt but that was a dismal failure.  Instead I decided to go more simple and challenge them to see who was able to melt their ice cube the fastest.

Kaitlyn instantly tried to squeeze hers and it started to melt pretty quick.  After she accidently dropped it on the floor she realized that was a good thing and it would melt faster in more pieces.  This was bit tricky for Eileen and with Daddy’s help she microwaved it for a few seconds, after that she thought is was more fun as a bath for Donald Duck.  Even with Daddy’s help Kaitlyn’s melted faster, and she was quite proud of herself!


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