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Here Comes Santa Claus

Every year we host an All Ages Family Christmas Party.  We have been doing it since 2007 making this our 5th Annual and it has been the ‘it’ party for our kids and our friends kids.  It started out as a way for everyone to get together without having to get a babysitter and for the kids to get to see Santa in a non-threatening environment. I knew that it has become a hit when all of the older kids were plastered to the front window when I asked everyone to come up from the playroom, next year Santa is going to come to the back door – LOL!

For December 10th, the day of our party I picked the book: Here Comes Santa Claus, illustrate by Bruce Whatley.

The words to this book are the lyrics of the song, 4 verses.  The illustrations tell a story all their own and are included with a bit of their own text in terms of a letter to and from Santa.  Kaitlyn was excited to read these letters all by herself.

At the beginning and end of this book there is also the sheet music for playing the song.  It is not an easy song to play but Daddy can play the easy one hand version and we have been practicing the first verse so before Christmas I will record us all singing it and post it in a podcast.  Kaitlyn took it to her piano teacher last week and she played it with both hands for her so she could hear the full version.



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