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Rudolph & Kaitlyn to the Rescue

December 13th book was Rudolph to the Rescue by Robert L. May and illustrated by Lisa Papp

I will start off my saying I am not a huge fan of this book but the girls like it, it is an identifiable character and it fit nicely with the activity I wanted to do on the 13th.  After Christmas Rudolph helps Santa go through all of his Thank you cards from the boys and girls around the world and finds a very sad letter from Sonny and Sis who Santa missed because they are part of a circus and Santa couldn’t find them.  Rudolph makes it is mission to find Sonny and Sis and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Every year at Christmas the school we ask that instead of buying teacher’s Christmas Presents the children bring an unwrapped toy for the toy drive.  Kaitlyn hadn’t purchased hers yet so this became a good activity for one of our books.  I thought it fit nicely with Rudolph to the Rescue as there were two children in the book who didn’t get any presents for Christmas.  After skating on Monday I took the girls to Zellers to find a toy.  Kaitlyn picked out a ZuZu pet toy that was perfect for the toy drive.


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