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Junk Mail Literacy

We get alot of junk mail and flyers in our mailbox.  I would love to not receive them at all but since we do I let the girls use them for crafts.  Last summer when Kaitlyn was getting ready for Junior Kindergarten we made an alphabet book using flyers, empty boxes, and anything else she could get her hands on.  Today we headed into Brantford after Kaitlyn’s piano lessons, to try and find her some white sandals for Easter, and didn’t get home until almost 4:00.  This limited our literacy time today but I wanted to make sure we still fit some in before dinner.  I grabbed as many flyers and boxes as I could and set the girls up at the table.  I challenged them to spell out their names using letters they could find in the flyers.  To make it a bit easier, especially for Eileen, it didn’t matter if they were uppercase or lowercase letters (we may try it again using uppercase only for the first letter).  Kaitlyn was able to complete the task entirely on her own.  Eileen was able to find all the letters she needed by herself (after I told her what she was looking for) and she only needed help cutting them out.  A fun and easy task to help reinforce letters!


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

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