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Paper plate Easter Bunnies

A few weeks ago I found these really cool Bunny Napkin Rings we could make for Easter Dinner.  The instructions seemed pretty easy but I would have to find Pony beads.  After checking out Walmart and Michaels I realized finding pink pony beads, not mixed with other colours would be a challenge.  I found a number of online beading sites but they were all American and had crazy shipping rates.  I thought I found a Canadian company that had exactly what I needed at BeadFx.  I placed my order and waited for everything to come in.  The beads arrived and they were the perfect colour but they were too small.  In hindsight I should have called and talked to a representative to make sure I ordered the right beads.  I have not given up entirely but I think this will be a better craft for next year.  That also gives me a year to find the right beads.  If anyone knows of a great company that ships pony beads to Canada for a reasonable price let me know.

So we needed a new craft for this week.  My goal was to find something easy to make that the girls could do by themselves (or at least mostly by them selves).  I can’t remember how but I came across a site with a number of great crafts to make with paper plates.  Upon further investigation I found YouTube video showing how to make simple Paper Plate Bunnies.   The best thing about this craft is that all the supplies are normal things that most people may have in their house and a craft bin.  To make one similar to us you will need: a paper plate, pink paint, pink construction paper, cotton balls, goggly eyes,  a pink pom pom, pipecleaners, glue, markers and scissors.  Kaitlyn was able to make her bunny all by herself and personalized it a bit for herself.  I had to cut out Eileen’s ears and her pipcleaners but she did the rest herself.


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

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