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Saturday in the Kitchen – Using your hands

Todays recipe for Fun Food Saturdays was one we have been using for a while but it is always a favourite: Walnut and Cranberry Chicken Tenders.  I am always on the look out for new recipes and this one came a couple of years ago in an insert in a magazine.  This one is kid friendly, quick, easy and most of the ingredients are always in our house, we just had to pick up the cranberry sauce and egg substitute.

Chicken tenders are one of those foods that most kids love, but buying the frozen ones in the grocery store is not always the healthiest option.  They are very easy to make and by baking they are warm and juice for little mouths.  The best thing about this recipe is getting the kids to help.

I get three of my pasta bowls out and mix up the three different stages of dipping before even getting the kids in the kitchen: 1 – the flour, 2 – the egg mixture, 3 – the bread crumb mixture.  As much as the girls didn’t want to get messy making the Mini Turkey Burgers last week they were all in for dipping the chicken.  This recipe is also very forgiving so don’t stress when they don’t evenly coat every piece of chicken – they still taste great.

One other thing we have added is letting the girls pick their own vegetables.  It encourages them to eat healthy but empowers them with choices.  On Thursday we all headed to our local farmers market and I told them they each had to pick a vegetable for Saturday dinner.  One picked green beans and one picked yellow beans.  I should have expected that!

Tonight was a huge success and everyone’s plate was clear with no left-overs!


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

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