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Mickey Saves Santa

Eileen was thrilled that our book on December 5th was her pick: Mickey Saves Santa from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series.

Monday nights are busy for us so I picked a fun book with a fun simple activity.  This is no literary masterpiece but it is a fun themed book that Eileen loved.  You can easily tell that is is based on a television episode because the story is choppy and you can tell there are parts missing.  Mrs. Claus show up at the clubhouse announcing that Santa needs help or he will not be able to deliver presents.  They could have been more creative with his problem than simply a broken harness but Eileen didn’t seem to care.  Included in the book were over 25 stickers and two paper ornaments to stick them on.  The girls enjoyed making them and hanging them on the tree.

These ornaments were not the activity I had planned but I let them make them anyway.  After I put on Christmas music from a Disney CD I had picked up a couple of years ago: Disney’s Santa Time.  It is not an easy CD to find but it is one of our favourites.  My absolute favourite song is called “Stars” and I have never been able to find it anywhere but on this album.  I put the music on and let the kids dance for a few minutes before winding down for bed.


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