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Candy Christmas Wreath

On Wedneday, December 14th our book was Dav Pilkey’s Dragon’s Merry Christmas.

This book has three short stories on Dragon’s Christmas adventures: The Perfect Christmas Tree, The Candy Wreath, Mittens and Merry Christmas, Dragon.  I read the girls the first two stories before craft and Daddy read them the last two before bed.  To be honest I picked this book because I thought it would be fun for us to try and make a candy wreath.

These proved to be a much more difficult venture than I had originally thought.  We live in a small town, without any big craft stores, so finding a wreath form took a bit of work.  I checked all the dollar stores along with Walmart and Zellers but ended up finding one, the very last one, at a flower shop. It was a 14″ inch green, hard, foam, wreath.  I had planned on making a smaller one but took what I could get.  I also purchased 5 bags of candy at the dollar store.  We never plan on eating our wreath so we picked based on the colour of wrapper.  I picked up a lot so I wouldn’t run out which was a wise decision as we used almost all of it.









We decided the girls would put the candy on the top flat part of the wreath, so they could use the normal craft glue and Mommy would be responsible for the sides (inside and outside) with the hot glue gun.  This worked pretty well, as the sides would not have stuck with white glue.  It would be interesting to try it with different types of wreath forms to see what would stick best.  After all the candy was glued on I made a bow and hot glued it on as well.

I think it turned out pretty cool.  Gord even liked it (sincerely) and that is unusually for our craft creations!


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