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Rudolph with a Candy Cane

Published December 5, 2012 by Mrs. Malo

With Day 5 the craft came before the book.  I was scouring pinterest one night, procrastinating of course, and came across a cute reindeer craft that I thought would be a good ‘weeknight’ craft.  I then went through our books to find a reindeer book.  In my school box I found Rudolph Shines Again.  I think it was from a scholastic package I got last Christmas.


The book is not is no award winner but it is cute.  The illustrations are very well done (except for some reason Michael kept trying to find ‘the mouse’), and it is written entirely in rhyme.  After Christmas Rudolph returns to be mocked by the other reindeer and this leaves him feeling very sorry for himself and his nose loses it’s shine.

After reading the book we got right down to the craft.  You can get complete instructions by following the links here.  I found all of the things we needed at Michael’s and in our craft bins.  If you want to try it make sure you have very small pom poms for the nose.  This was one of those crafts that is was great to have a stocked craft centre.  I brought out the bin of misc. google eyes and bells and they picked their favourite.  Grandma is a knitter so we raided her stash of wool.  The only thing I really had to buy was the plastic candy canes.


This was a perfect craft for Eileen.  Easy enough for her to do most of it herself and quick enough to keep her attention.  Michael even was able to do some of the wrapping himself.


The finished result.  They are super cute and all unique!


Memories of Childhood Shows

Published January 1, 2012 by Mrs. Malo

What did you watch on T.V. as a child?  What was your favourite show?

Tonight after bath time Kaitlyn came out asking if she could watch “Polka Dot Door”.  Wow – I wasn’t expecting that one.  Then I remembered a few weeks ago she had asked me what my favourite show to watch was when I was her age.  All I could remember was being very young in our house in Newburgh, Ontario – where we only got a couple of channels with our bunny ears and watching Polka Dot Door at night after my dad watched the 6:00 news.  I am sure that there were other shows, especially as I got older but that is my first memory of television.  (I was actually on Romper Room as a child but lets save that for another day).

Kaitlyn expected it to be on Netflix so I found Grampa trying to get it to work for her.  They quickly realized it wasn’t on Netflix so I decided to google it and see what I could find.  I managed to find a couple of very early episodes (1978) on the TVO archives.  I sat down and watched a bit with her.  She wasn’t overly impressed but it sure did take me back.  There was story time, with the clock and the toys: Marigold, Humpty, Dumpty and Bear.  The one thing that was missing was the Polkaroo.  After this episode we checked out Youtube and I found her a clip of the Polkaroo.  Those songs sounded so familiar (especially the imagine song).  I wasn’t sure we would have any luck finding clips to show her but it was pretty cool watching them with her – I promised her we could check out a few more in the morning.

What do you remember watching as a child and what memories do you wish you could share with your kids?