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Lisa Moore’s “Caught”

Today I finished my one adult fiction book of 2013.  It sounds a bit depressing but I only usually read one adult book for enjoyment once a year, and unless I make myself I don’t think that would happen.  I read a lot of children’s books, and a fair amount of professional material (books, journals, etc), but in my busy life this is one little luxury that I don’t often allow myself.  The one time I do read, for solely enjoyment, is the one week I rent a cottage with my family every summer. I spend a lot of thought and research selecting a book.  It has to been an adult novel, fiction, not too much of a thinker but also not trashy.  This year I selected Lisa Moore’s new fiction Caught.

I found this book by an online suggestion at the Globe and Mail.

It met my criteria – it kept me hooked, I was able to read it in a couple of days and it was the appropriate level.  I am not really sure why I picked this book, normally I am not in to stories of drug smuggling and escaped cons but I did enjoy the book.  I don’t know if I will read it again or put it on my top 10 list but it was a good cottage read.  I enjoyed Moore’s style of intertwining the different characters and time periods seamlessly, however the lack of quotation marks for dialogue did drive me crazy at first.  I think I may have to check out her other books February and Alligator if I every have time to read another adult fiction book.


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