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Black All Around

Our next book in the 2012-2013 Kindergarten Ready Set Go Calendary was Black all Around written by Patricia Hubbell and illustrated by Don Tate.  The girls have really enjoyed making their movies so I thought I would expand on that.  I gave them my iPhone and sent them on a hunt throughout the house to find items the colour black.  They love taking pictures on my phone so this wasn’t much of a request.  We then downloaded them to the computer, decided which ones needed retakes, and made a quick slideshow using iPhoto.  They helped me create the opening and closing slides.  Everyone was tired today so I did most of the picture cropping but I think this is something Kaitlyn is almost old enough to do herself.  Voila!

These activities are to help prepare Eileen for Kindergarten and this one was great for colour practice but I got some good ideas for Kaitlyn out of this exercise.  Some of the photos were not great so in 1 minute I talked to her about staging the items and holding the camera/phone very still – her retakes were a huge improvement. I am thinking she may almost be ready for her own camera – or maybe even just giving her my old camera.      It needs to be fixed but I may take it in and if it doesn’t cost too much I think she would love it.  Then we can start to teach her how to use a camera properly and I am pretty sure that soon enough she will be taking better pictures than me!


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