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Little Book Adventure – Challenge #2

So we are way behind on everything!  It is the long weekend and we have been working hard outside but had to come inside while Daddy was cutting the grass.  Eileen asked to do a craft, and not just a craft in the basement but a ‘Mommy craft’ upstairs in the kitchen.  I figured this was a great chance to do one of the many things we have been trying to get through.  We decided to tackle challenge #2 from the Little Book Adventure.  This was the challenge from April but it’s better late than never.

We started by reading Surprise by Karen Andrews.  I had ordered this book back at the beginning of April and hadn’t had a chance to read it to the girls yet – it is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone (international shipping wasn’t even too bad).  It is the story of a number of children who each sign out the same library book and find a surprise picture from the previous reader  – a cool idea.

The girls each picked one of their library books we signed out last week and I read it to them.  Then I printed off the letterhead for the challenge and wrote a note at the bottom so that the parent or librarian who sees the picture will know what it is.  I am pretty sure not many people in our small town will be participating in the Litte Book Adventure so I wanted to make sure the reader understood what the picture is.  I also placed the link to this blog so if you are visited because you saw our pictures we would love for you to comment!

Kaitlyn picked Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax because she loves it and thought it would have the greatest chance of being signed out by another person.  The challenge said to write a letter to the next reader but Kaitlyn really wanted to draw a picture so we did both!  I helped her with spelling a few words but she did most of it herself.  I love how she thought to looking the book to spell Truffula.  On the other side she drew a smiling picture because she was happy the little boy was planting the seed.  I told her she could draw anything but she wanted to draw a smile because in Surprise the kids drew pictures of how they felt.











Eileen chose Crocodiles Play by Robert Heidbreder.  This was Blue Spruce nominee from a few years ago.  She needed a bit more help so I helped her with her letter.  She started by saying she wanted to draw a picture of a crocodile but then came to the conclusion that it looked more like a person and changed it to a picture of her family.  I am so excited that her people are starting to look like people.  She has made huge progress with her fine motor skills in the past couple of months.  She even signed her own name at the bottom of her letter!!











This was a quick and easy challenge.  I and looking forward to seeing what Challenge #3 will is?


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

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