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Christmas Traditions

I mentioned in a previous post that the Show and Tell in my Kindergarten class for the month of December was to bring in a family holiday tradition.  My teaching partner did the same thing and for her show and tell Kaitlyn took in Perogies.  You may not think that Perogies are a Christmas tradition but in Gord’s family they definitely are.  Every year on Christmas Eve morning all the grand-daughters (and great-granddaughters) go over to Baba’s house (Gord’s grandmother) to make perogies.  My kids don’t get to see everyone that often as they are all living around North America finishing up university and staring jobs so it is great when everyone gets together!  We make perogies all morning – potato, sauerkraut, and prune, and then at the big Christmas Eve dinner we eat them.  The are suppose to be just a side dish but they are definitely what everyone looks forward to the most.  It was quite the adventure for Kaitlyn and I to make them for her class but we managed.  They tasted good but still not as good at Baba’s.

The other tradition that we have had in our house since Kaitlyn was book is book #24 – The Night Before Christmas.

This was the first Christmas Eve that we didn’t go to church.  It is just too crazy to take three little kids to church at 7:00 at night when they are already exhausted -last year it ended up being a complete circus.  Instead we stayed longer at the Malo Family Christmas and then we came home to do our Christmas Eve Traditions.

First the kids opened their Christmas Eve presents – matching Christmas pajamas.  Every year I make them matching pyjamas and while I am frantically trying to get them done in time I wonder if it worth it – by when I see them all together in them it is totally worth the effort!  After they get changed they hang their stockings, get Santa’s cookies ready and I read them The Night Before Christmas.  Some years when they are little it seems like it is more for me than them but we have done it every year since Kaitlyn was born!

We read the traditional version but there was a great post at Reading Confetti on a number of other versions of The Night Before Christmas.  I am considering using this as our theme next year at school but first have to build my library of different version.  What is your favourite version?


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

2 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. IMO, you are doing good work being a kindergarten teacher. That is usually a child’s first experience in a school setting, and it’s an important time in their life for it takes them away from family and familiar surroundings for extended periods. I vividly remember my kindergarten teacher and how she patiently dealt with a bunch of inquisitive, scared kids and successfully developed a sense of trust that was so important at that time.

    Although I’m now 57 years old, those fond memories have never waned…and I don’t think they ever will.

    Keep up your great work. Happy New Year to you and yours!


  2. That sure does sound almost like a circus! My family tradition would probably be making cookies. It’s funny how the best traditions and memories involve food. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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