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Holiday Talent Show

Book 21 was another one from a popular character the girls love – My Little Pony.  Holiday Talent Show was a book order selection of Kaitlyn’s from last year.  At the time I didn’t realize how much My Little Pony stuff Eileen would be getting for Christmas, so now it is very popular at our house.  She actually receive two Pinky-Pie ponies for Christmas who is the main character in the book.

Pinkie Pie decides that she wants to do something special for the holidays.  After talking with all her friends she feels that she doesn’t have any special talent but decides to bring all her friends together for a talent show.  Everyone uses their special talents to make the show a success, even Pinkie Pie.  I am not usually a fan of trademark books based on toy characters or show but this one is written clearly with a good message.  So often this style of book jumps around leaving out key plot features making them difficult to follow but this book does not do that.  A pretty cute read.

The activity for this book wasn’t much of a stretch as my kids are ALWAYS putting on their own talent shows.  I read this to them on Wednesday night after hockey and then challenged them to put together and practice a talent show that they would put on for Mommy and Daddy Thursday night after dinner.  They had a blast.  It was always decided that Michael would dance  (as that is what he always does when you put music on).  Eileen started by saying she was going to sing and Kaitlyn play the piano but in the end they all ended up dancing.  Kaitlyn choreographed routines for both her and her sister.  They made decorations and went through our dress-up box picking out matching costumes.  It was pretty cute!



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