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A Barbie Christmas?

A couple of years ago my in-laws gave Kaitlyn the Barbie version of “A Christmas Carol” for Christmas. This was her very first introduction to Barbie and I wasn’t quite ready for it – especially when she watching the movie non stop for 3 months.  Then I quietly managed to hide it and only bring it out during the Christmas season. I never thought I would intentially bring it out for the girls but that is exactly what I did on Day 7 of our 24 books of Christmas.

I don’t remember where  it came from but the book ended up in our collection last year.  I needed an easy book and activity for Wednesday as Eileen has hockey and when we all get home we are tired and have limited time.  I read the book to the girls and then they curled up and watched the movie, I even made myself watch part of it with them.  This year we didn’t do any more than that but I can definitely see doing some text-to-text connecting with other versions of “A Christmas Carol”.  The problem right now is that many are quite scary for kids, even the Mickey Mouse version is pretty dark, but this Barbie version is not frightening for the girls.

The whole Barbie issue is an interesting issue.  This year it is very big in our house.  I can understand the issues that some people have with the body image issues that Barbie brings up, but the creative play that my girls do with their Barbies is very cool.  They are always making up new setting and scenarios for them and that is the type of creative play I love to encourage.  I would love to hear your thoughts.


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3 thoughts on “A Barbie Christmas?

  1. Loved Barbie when I was a little girl, and still love her to this day. For exactly the reasons you have mentioned: the imaginative possibilities were endless. My Barbie could be anything she wanted to be. There were no limitations. The fact that she could always look good doing it — although lovely, was not the main point. And I watch my girls playing the same way now — yes, they love her pretty clothes, but Barbie can be dressing for a dinner dance, a tea party, to ride her horse, go to the beach with friends……or off to rescue Buzz and Woody trapped in the toybox. I am very much aware that my girls will get the majority of their cues regarding self image and confidence from watching ME – not just Barbie. We talk about beauty, clothing, etc.
    I am a confident person;I don’t have low self esteem or poor body image: those things don’t appear in my speech. And I adored Barbie. I see no reason why my girls cannot grow up the same way.

  2. I totally agree! I played with Barbies a lot with my cousins growing up and had lots of different scenarios. Lots of course were farm based lol. Brianna has started to really love playing Barbie’s and has asked Santa for them. I agree that they will take their cues from the strong women in their lives. Anything that encourages creative play is ok in my house.

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