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Reindeer Rebellion

Our book for December second was The Great Reindeer Rebellion.

This is a cute book I picked up on the discount shelf at Coles/Chapters.  From an adult perspective, and in light of all the labour unrest that has happened in the past year it is nice to see that there are some employees that just can’t be replaced – Santa’s Reindeer!  This story is written in rhyming verse and sounds similar to the traditional Night before Christmas.  There are a few times the rhymes could be more creative (up & up) but overall it is very nice to read aloud and easy language for kids.

We had Gord’s staff party so Gramma and Grampa watched the kids and did a reindeer craft with them, and after seeing what they came up with I am very happy I gave them this task!  They found an outline for Birch Branch Reindeer and adapted it for the kids.  First my dad went out to the field behind their house to find some appropriate wood.  They wanted to make small reindeer so he found the appropriate size branch but you could go larger to make a reindeer that could stand beside your fireplace.  He cut a body and head for each of the girls and then found twigs for legs and antlers.  He prepared them by drilling the appropriate sized holes for the legs and antlers.  They did suggest to me that if I was to do this again to cut them a few days in advance so the wood could dry out a bit easier, this would make it easier to stick together.  Dad also said you need to be careful where you drill the holes for the legs so your reindeer can stand easily and doesn’t do the splits!

With the girls they first glued on the legs and antler and then added the embellishments.  They added googly eyes and used pom poms for the nose and tail.  Mom found some gymp coring in my craft bin and used it to put the bell around the neck.  Kaitlyn decided she was going to make Rudolph’s girlfriend Clarice so she added a pink bow.  I think they turned out super cute!


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

5 thoughts on “Reindeer Rebellion

  1. Thank you for sharing them at Sharing Saturday. I have to tell you I was just reading The Little Fir Tree to my daughter and noticed in one of the pictures a similar reindeer drawn there. It instantly reminded me of yours.

  2. Love your reindeer! That book looks fun too! Will pin both.
    Saw your linky at the Sunday Showcase, so wanted to pop by to say hello.
    Hope that you will come by my blog, Sunrise Learning Lab, and see what we are up to this week.

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