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E is for Eyes

This Tuesday’s letter was E and Kiboomu had a great idea for Eyes.   I printed off a large E for Eileen and the word Eyes for Kaitlyn.  I pulled out a pile of old magazines and the girls set out to find eyes to cut out and paste on their letters.  This was a great task especially for Eileen because we have just started working alot on her fine motor skills, specifically with scissors.  She was very determined to cut her eyes out by herself.

It took longer than most of our Tuesday letters but they turned out pretty cool!  The girls both got very excited when they found some unique eyes.  I think the one eyed monster that Eileen found in an advertisement was our favourite.

As a side note my joy of Eileen using scissors was  very short lived – as she cut a chunk of hair off Kaitlyn today.  After an emergency visit to the hair dressers you can’t notice too much, the key will be the next time I put it in a ponytail!


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

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