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So it is 8 in the morning on Father’s Day – Michael is playing on the floor (man does this boy want to crawl) but Gord and the girls are still sleeping.  We had my brother-in-law’s wedding yesterday so we did not get home until 2:00 am.  Michael was picked up by my parents around 10:00 so it was a late night for everyone.  It was a great day but definitely an adventure with our three kids!

As I sit and reflect waiting for everyone else to wake I was reading a bunch of father’s day blog post and it made me start reflecting on family.  We have very different relationships with both sides of our family.  I don’t think we would be able to survive without my parents!  To give just an example of the last week – they watched different children almost every day as we did things to get ready for the wedding.  I would not have been able to take Kaitlyn for her first mani/pedi if Gramma had not come over to watch Eileen and Michael.  And talking about wedding – my mom made Eileen’s dress, Michael’s matching vest and bolero jackets for both the girls.  They were all perfect!  And then there is my dad – sometimes I think he lives here!  He will drop anything at a moment’s notice to watch the kids and all I need to keep in my house is a box of green tea and a bottle of dark rum (not to be drunk together).  When we had a big wind storm a number of weeks ago and our playset was blown over and destroyed the girls were devastated but he has installed a new slide and now is working on rebuilding the swing area.  I love my husband and he is very good at many things but he is not a fix-it man, not at all.  My dad has saved me many aggravating repair jobs and probably a lot of money by fixing pretty much anything that gets broken at our place.  I know it is Father’s Day but both of my parents are amazing – they never miss a dance recital, hockey game, soccer game or any other event my kids participate in big or small and this year my mom even volunteered in Kaitlyn’s kindergarten class one afternoon a week (as if she wasn’t busy enough already).

The relationship with my inlaws is a bit different – we pretty much see them on holidays and for major events (like the wedding yesterday).  My new sister-in-law is awesome and the girls love her so hopefully they will get to spend more time with her.  Saying all that the way my husband’s aunts, uncles, and cousins helped out yesterday was amazing!! Gord was great with the kids but he was the best man so for much of the day was busy with official duties (don’t worry they got their share Daddy time once the dancing started).  During the service one of Gord’s cousin’s girlfriends, who I had met only 5 minutes early, offered to go and change Michael when he decided to mess his diaper in the church – wow!  Then Gord’s Aunt Sue stood to the side and held Michael through the service so I could have Eileen on my lap. Then during the reception all of the cousins and aunts and uncles took turns holding the kids, playing with the kids and taking them on repeated trips outside to see the water fountain. I am pretty sure some of them will have sore arms today from lifting Eileen up so many times.  When the Bride and Groom were doing their speeches I quietly looked around and noticed I didn’t even have any of my children.  Michael was asleep on Aunt Joan’s lap and the girls were cuddled up with some of the much love cousins.  They all helped make the day so much fun for all of us.

Since it is Father’s Day I can’t finish this post without mention my husband and Daddy to Michael, Eileen and Kaitlyn.  It is no big secret that Gord works alot.  He seems the have his fingers in every project, but he loves it!  Sometimes his work even takes him away for a bit (3 trips to China in the past year) but when he is home … he is home.  He is attentive with the kids and at any point you can find him rolling on the floor with Michael, dancing with the girls or curled up on the couch watching Rugrats for the 1000th time (Kaitlyn’s new obsession).  Somedays I think that Eileen is surgically attached to him and he doesn’t complain (well at least not too much).  I have no doubt in my mind that he loves those kids above anything else and would go to the end of the earth for them.

So happy Father’s Day to all and make sure to tell those around you who you appreciate how much they mean to you!


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

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