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New Cookbooks

This has become the week of new cookbooks, and it is only Tuesday.  This was totally unplanned but very welcome.

Yesterday at the grocery store I made an impulse purchase of Company’s Coming Healthy in a Hurry.  It is still a few months away but I am trying to prepare for cooking for my family once I go back to work. I don’t want to sacrafice our healthy meals for speed.

Also yesterday Kaitlyn brought home from school a cookbook we ordered through the Scholastic book order: Kids Cooking.  I am hoping this will help give ideas for our Saturday Kid friendly meals.

Finally I was very excited to receive my copy of The Family Dinner in the mail today.   I won it at a twitter party last month and am very excited to try it out!

My goal is to cook exclusively from these three books for a month starting next Monday.  We have our big China party on Sunday so we won’t start until after  that.  Check back in June and I will post my thoughts.


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

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