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Wheat and Dairy Free – Take 2

So I am trying to blog while watching the election results so hopefully this sounds O.K.  I am already worried about the results and they just started coming in a couple of minutes ago.

I thought I would give reviews on a couple of products we have tried.  Last Wednesday Gord and I had a dinner out, we went to see General Rick Hillier speak, so I made the girls macaroni & cheese – dairy and gluten free style.  I purchased a box of Road’s End Organics Dairy Free Penne & Chreese.  I used the almond milk to add a creamy texture.  It wasn’t too bad, but I found it rather bland.  It didn’t taste like cheese but it didn’t have a bad taste. Maybe I could get more flavour if I tried a homemade recipe.  If anyone has any great dairy or gluten free recipes please pass them on.

Today I went to a grocery store I don’t normally go to in an attempt to try and find some more food options.  I usually shop at a Sobeys near my house but today we went to the Real Canadian Superstore.  I don’t normally like going there as they have lousy customer service and won’t bag my groceries, even if I have a screaming child, but they have a large natural food section.  I managed to find a number of new products to try. One I found was Soypudding.  My girls love their chocolate pudding and the one thing they have found difficult is their desserts.  I always let them have a sweet treat for dessert so letting them have chocolate pudding made them very happy.  I tried a bit of Eileen’s pudding and it was pretty good.  It was much more expensive than regular chocolate pudding.

Today is Monday so it was Meatless Monday for dinner.  We have been having so much rice pasta lately that I wanted to try something different so tonight I made Mexican Brown Rice with Tomatoes and Corn from Anne Lindsay’s New Light Cooking.  It was really good and the girls love it.  The best thing was that I didn’t have to use any new weird ingredients.


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