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Literacy Tuesday without any writing

Today for literacy Tuesday my goal was to do a bunch of fun activities with the girls that didn’t involve an writing instruments – no pens, pencils, crayons, pencil crayons, or markers.  I borrowed two great ideas from TeachMama and we came up with the third ourselves.

Our first activity was an alphabet scavenger hunt.  I pulled out our ABC cue cards and gave Kaitlyn the choice: uppercase or lowercase.  I was happy she picked lowercase because she struggles with them a bit more.  I divided the pile in half and told the girls to go and hide them around the house.  Eileen needed a bit of help understanding what it means to hide something so I walked around with her.  Pretty soon she was hiding them in places I would never think to look.  After they were both done I told them they were to find all the letters and put them in order on the floor in the kitchen.  I let them find the ones they hid along with the ones their sister hid.  It was funny that they had forgotten where they had hid some of the cards.  It took a good half hour for the activity from start to finish.  That was over 5 hours ago – and we are still missing the u and the x, opps.  Hopefully they turn up soon.  With my luck we will probably find them when looking for Easter eggs in a few weeks.

Our second activity was Alphabingo.  I had been meaning to print these off and use them for a few weeks so I took the opportunity this morning when the girls were playing in the playroom.  I pulled out one of Kaitlyn’s princess Bingo games for the bingo chips and we got started.  Each girl had two BINGO cards.  Kaitlyn’s job was to pull a card off the pile, read the letter, make the sound, and identify the picture.  She would then pass it to Eileen who would try and match the card to her BINGO card.  I helped Eileen a fair bit at first but she got the swing of things pretty quick. I am going to take all the pieces and get them laminate because this could be a great game for the girls to play together when I am making dinner or feeding Michael.

Our third and final activity was letter ‘drawing’ with juice powder.  I found a package of juice powder that had been in my pantry for a few years and sprinkled a small amount on two cookie sheets.  Rimmed cookie sheets work best as they give the largest area but still have a rim to contain the powder.  I set the girls up so they couldn’t see each other’s sheets.  I took my finger and wrote a letter in Eileen’s power and asked her to identify it, then she tried to copy my letter with her finger.  After hearing the letter, and without looking at her sister’s, Kaitlyn would draw the letter in her power both in lower and uppercase.  This was an easy and fun activity to put together and suprisingly was not as messy as I expected.  It was funny when Eileen realized the yummy taste on her finger.

A fun Tuesday!


Proud mother of 3, Kaitlyn, Eileen & Michael Kindergarten Teacher

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