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Literacy Tuesdays

For a few weeks now we have been doing craft Thursdays.  This week we are starting Literacy Tuesdays.  Now don’t worry we really do literacy activities every day in our house.  There are always books around my house, the girls have a number of ABC puzzles that Eileen is always in to, the number of workbooks and activity book we have is a bit scary, and they won’t go to sleep without their two stories each (one from Mommy and one from Daddy).  There is also Kaitlyn’s work from school, so we are always doing literacy activities.  What we will be doing on Tuesdays are a variety of new and different activities just to reinforce literacy concepts – and most important they will always be fun.

Today we did Fruit Loop names.  We never have sugary cereal in our house so I was happy when Fruit Loops were on sale for 1/2 price at Sobeys yesterday.  I may just have to give in and let them have a few for snack but the majority will be for crafts.  I wrote each of the girls names on a piece of construction paper and then they glued Fruit Loops over the writing.  This time I wrote both of their names for them but I think we may try this again and have Kaitlyn create the letters of her name without following my writing.


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